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Hi, I’m Corena, a personal trainer and mom of 3! Throughout my many years of personal training, I’ve educated and supported many women in their health and fitness journeys! I’ve made it my mission to help as many women as possible achieve their ideal fitness level and feel more confident and happy. Being a mom of three working a full-time job, I understand how challenging it can be to manage a mom’s life and try to balance living a healthy lifestyle.

I am here to provide you with strategies to help you learn and maintain that balance, as I know it is challenging! My programs are flexible, so you can choose whether to work out at home or in the gym (I can come to you)! You’ll learn how to train correctly to increase your fitness and strength through one-on-one training. My programs are easy to learn, so you will feel confident you’re on the right track in becoming an independent exerciser.

You will also be added to the MyPT Hub app, where you can access workouts assigned to you on days we don’t train with video instruction and much more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or working out is second nature for you; my programs can help you reach your following fitness goals and feel the confidence you deserve.

I love helping others see and experience what their bodies are capable of with enough hard work. I aim to help you achieve a happy and well-balanced lifestyle that will minimize the risk of future health-related issues. Also, with more women joining daily, the Train with LadyFlex Fitness community (Facebook group page) is a fantastic source of extra support and encouragement throughout your fitness journey. Join us and make your health and fitness goals a reality!

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Core strength training enhances stability and posture & reduces injuries. Planks, crunches & leg raises to build a strong core.

Effective exercise programs consider fitness level, health & goals. Customized plans include cardio, strength & flexibility.

Cardio boosts heart health, burns calories & increases energy. Flexibility exercises improve range of motion & reduce tension.

“I truly believe in hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”

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Beginners embarking on their exercise journey will find the perfect guidance and support to kickstart their fitness transformation.


Intermediate exercisers can elevate their fitness level with personalized workouts and targeted training, reaching new milestones on their path to success.


Take your fitness to the next level, pushing boundaries and achieving extraordinary results with challenging workouts tailored to their expertise.

Join us and make your health and fitness goals a reality!


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